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There was definitely chemistry between them, and Kate had really made an impression on William. After her impressive debut on the catwalk, things would never be quite the same between William and Kate. William later insisted in an interview on his 21st birthday, June 21, , that he was single, but the truth was that he had fallen for his pretty friend. It was a luxury no Prince before him had enjoyed and exactly the normality he craved.

The floor-to-ceiling windows were protected with reinforced, full-length shutters. It was a bit of a meeting place for the great and the good. Fergus would get dressed to the nines and only ever wore different shades of white. William and Kate were determined to keep their fledgling romance quiet, and behind the closed doors of Hope Street they could.

William and Kate had fallen in love and were enjoying a conventional university romance, albeit one involving elaborate cover-ups and decoys. In an effort to keep their relationship below the radar for as long as possible, they would leave the house at different times and arrive at dinner parties separately, and made a pact never to hold hands in public. By the end of their second year the relationship was a close one. William had first met Jecca, the daughter of British conservationist Ian Craig and his wife Jane, in in Kenya during a school holiday.

He is now a patron of the charity. He did everything from rhino-spotting to anti-poaching patrols to checking fences. It was not long before rumours were circulating among their friends that something was going on between William and Jecca. He had apparently had a secret crush on Jecca since the first time he met her. She was beautiful, with long blonde hair, deep-blue eyes and legs like a gazelle.

But when it was reported in British newspapers that the two had staged a mock engagement ceremony to pledge their love to each other before William returned to England, the Prince instructed his aides to deny this had ever happened. It was a rare move — usually the Palace never comments on the private lives of William or his brother Harry — but on this occasion, William wanted the story denied. The tale had rattled him and embarrassed Jecca, who at the time was dating Edinburgh University undergraduate Henry Ropner, a former Etonian and a friend of William.

The denial did little to quash the rumours of a romance, however, and as Kate raised her champagne flute to toast the birthday Prince at his aptly themed Out Of Africa celebration, it was Jecca who had pride of place next to William at the head table. It soon became an open secret at St Andrews, and William and Kate were desperate for some privacy. The impressive four-bedroom cottage was far more private than Hope Street.

As with all his residences, the cottage had been made secure for the Prince, complete with bomb-proof doors and windows. William and Kate intended to entertain frequently: he installed a champagne fridge as soon as they moved in, while Kate set about dressing the kitchen windows with pretty red-and-white gingham curtains. The couple enjoyed long, romantic walks, and when it was warm enough, they would pack a picnic hamper and spend pleasant afternoons stretched out on a blanket, sharing a bottle of chilled white wine.

They were blissful days, made all the more romantic by the fact that the Press was still unaware of their relationship. But the secret would soon be out. Against a backdrop of snowcapped mountains in the Swiss Alps, William put his arm around Kate. Wearing dark glasses and wrapped up against the cold in their salopettes and ski jackets, they waited in line for a ski lift. As the T-bar arrived, William helped Kate on, and they slowly made their way up the mountainside, ski poles in their hands. The rumours, which had been around for months, were confirmed: William and Kate were definitely more than just friends.

The first picture: Skiing together at Klosters in April , William looks lovingly towards Kate and proves they are definitely a couple. He was right about the excitement. He had chosen to go to Klosters, where the Royal Family are photographed skiing every year, and he had made no attempt to disguise his affection for Kate. But the newspaper had decided that this was a scoop just too good to turn down, running the story under the headline Finally. Wills Gets A Girl. The truth was, William had been dating Kate for many months.

While some at the Palace had dismissed Kate as not being blue-blooded enough for the Prince her parents Michael and Carole own an online party-equipment company , she had other qualities that were far more important to William.

Kate: The Making of a Princess by Claudia Joseph

She was polite to the photographers who now pursued her, and she quickly adopted the Royal rule of never speaking out. She also insisted that her family never discuss her relationship with William. Historically a degree of mystery about Royalty has been an advantage — we project on to them what we want. According to one of her friends at St Andrews, Kate remained level-headed during the early months of their courtship.

Kate was actually quite insecure about her looks and never considered herself pretty. She was very sweet and very shy. She had practised with William on the Strathtyrum estate, where they were allowed to shoot birds for food as part of their rental agreement. In the same way that Charles had been given the use of Wood Farm at Sandringham while he was a student at Cambridge, the Queen allowed William to use a cottage called Tam-na-Ghar at Balmoral as a getaway.

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Like William, Kate loved walking across the moors and strolling by the River Dee. In the evenings they would cook a meal, share a bottle of red wine and keep warm in front of a roaring log fire. They would all compete to bag the most birds. Until now, both William and Kate had chosen not to discuss what would happen after they finished at St Andrews, but with their finals looming, it was an issue that needed addressing. William decided that a holiday would provide him with some thinking time and planned a boys-only sailing trip to Greece with Guy Pelly and other friends, to take place as soon as they left college for the summer.

There was also a rumour among their friends that after a night of heavy drinking at Club H — the basement den with a bar that William had set up with his brother Harry at Highgrove — William and Guy had covered one of their girlfriends in chocolate ice cream, which they then proceeded to lick off. Then there was the occasion when Guy challenged William to a midnight swim at the 21st birthday party of their friend James Tollemache at Helmingham Hall in Suffolk.

Both William and Guy had been drinking heavily, but that did not stop them stripping down to their boxer shorts, diving in and swimming a lap in the murky moat. It seemed that wherever there was trouble, Guy was not far away, and Kate was wary of him. She was annoyed, if not surprised, when she found out that Guy had arranged for an all-female crew for the yacht in Greece. So she packed her bags and headed home to Berkshire to spend the summer with her family. The 'other' women: William flew to the US to spend time with Anna Sloan, left, in and he was a visitor to the Chelsea home of Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, although she rejected his advances.

One was his friendship with an American heiress named Anna Sloan, whom he had met through mutual friends at Edinburgh University, where Anna was studying. When William accepted an invitation from Anna to accompany her and a group of friends to Tennessee for a holiday before he went to Greece, it hurt Kate deeply.

See a Problem?

She suspected William might have feelings for the year-old. However, according to her friends, Anna was not romantically interested in William. Isabella, daughter of banking heiress Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon, was single at the time. Just look at her huge smile — that right there is the look of someone plotting their next big purchase.

As it turns out, People reports that the Duke of Cambridge was warming up with some yoga moves before playing in the Audi Polo Challenge charity match in In between all the stretches, a photographer captured this gem. You'd think he'd warm up in his gear, but the prince does what he wants. As a result, we have this wonderful picture. In perhaps the greatest picture of Charles and Camilla of all time, the two are taken aback by a bald eagle flapping its wings during the Sandringham Flower show in To be fair to the future king and queen, everyone in this situation would probably react the same way.

Still, that doesn't take away from this priceless snap. Maybe he dropped something or was trying to quickly check to see if he smelled funky Uh oh, something didn't go the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge 's way. During the match of Simona Halep vs. Sabine Lisicki in , both Will and Kate looked completely disheartened at what was unfolding in front of them. Whoever they were rooting for must've lost a key point. That, or the couple was just feeling a tad dramatic that day.

Kate Middleton: The making of a very middle class Princess (PART 1)

While Prince Philip and Camilla appear semi-amused, Queen Elizabeth and her eldest son look like they're about to keel over. Whatever was happening at the tug of war match at the Braemar Games Highland event in must've been pretty epic. Even during the Trooping the Colour parade in front of thousands, Prince Harry isn't afraid to show off his sense of humor. While riding in a carriage with Camilla and William whom you can barely see sitting on the other side of the Duchess of Cornwall , Harry and his stepmom chuckled back and forth with each other over some sort of hilarious inside joke that involved Harry's feet.

Was it a knock-knock joke? A clever jab at his signet ring? The world will never know, but at least this brilliant photo will forever exist.

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Prince Harry, known by many as one of the more rebellious royals , has frequently shown off his silly side. But this photo, taken in while he visited Antigua and Barbuda, captures a particularly delightful face of the Duke of Sussex looking scared. Of what? That remains a mystery. In yet another example of Prince Harry being amazing with children , the red-headed royal made some little friends while on a trip in southern Africa.

Because that's just what kids do when they're in the car or on an airplane. Or, if you're Prince George, on your family's private royal sea plane.

go to site Hopefully, Kate and Will had some window cleaner on board to take care of his little nose marks! This picture proves that you don't want to mess with Camilla. The Duchess of Cornwall was clearly joking around with her husband while holding a knife during a relaxing winery tour in Australia. Charles, playing along, looked stunned and terrified At one point during their first one-on-one girls trip to Wimbledon this summer, the Duchesses were very unamused at what was going down on the court.

That Prince Harry , such a curious one he is. Here, he's checking for who knows what in the mouth of the Shark mascot of a rugby club during a trip to South Africa. In all honesty, he probably just wanted to say hello, though, admittedly, this is a rather unusual way to do so. During a visit to ITV's program This Morning in January , Camilla, looking very guilty, went for an extra forkful between shots while Charles visited with some of the show's anchors and chefs. In fairness to Camilla, those potatoes?

Turns out, there's a reason for this big grin. At an awards ceremony at the Royal United Services Institute in , the event's emcee Richard Birtchnell accidentally introduced him as the Duke of Edinburgh — oops. As this snap proves, William clearly didn't mind and got quite a kick out of the mix-up. She doesn't eat garlic , another staple of Italian cuisine, either.

But those preferences don't seem to have been passed down to the youngest generation of royals, including the Duchess of Cambridge's older two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The youngest royal, Prince Louis , has barely started eating solids!