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Recent advances in the fabrication of semiconductors have created almost un limited possibilities to design structures on a nanometre scale with extraordinary electronic and optoelectronic properties. The theoretical understanding of elec trical transport in such nanostructures is of utmost importance for future device applications. This represents a challenging issue of today's basic research since it requires advanced theoretical techniques to cope with the quantum limit of charge transport, ultrafast carrier dynamics and strongly nonlinear high-field ef fects.

This book, which appears in the electronic materials series, presents an over view of the theoretical background and recent developments in the theory of electrical transport in semiconductor nanostructures. It contains 11 chapters which are written by experts in their fields. Starting with a tutorial introduction to the subject in Chapter 1, it proceeds to present different approaches to transport theory. The semiclassical Boltzmann transport equation is in the centre of the next three chapters. Hydrodynamic moment equations Chapter 2 , Monte Carlo techniques Chapter 3 and the cellular au tomaton approach Chapter 4 are introduced and illustrated with applications to nanometre structures and device simulation.

A full quantum-transport theory covering the Kubo formalism and nonequilibrium Green's functions Chapter 5 as well as the density matrix theory Chapter 6 is then presented. Hydrodynamic simulation of semiconductor devices.

Theory of Transport Properties of Semiconductor Nanostructures

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View Section, Front Matter. View Section, Preface. View Section, Table of Contents.

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Semiconductor Crystals. View Section, 3. Band Structure. View Section, 4.

Envelope Functions and Effective Mass Approximation. View Section, 5. View Section, 6. Fabrication of Semiconductor Nanostructures.

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View Section, 7. Electrostatics of Semiconductor Nanostructures. View Section, 8. Quantum Mechanics in Semiconductor Nanostructures. View Section, 9. Two-Dimensional Electron Gases in Heterostructures.

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View Section, Tunneling Transport through Potential Barriers. Multiterminal Systems.

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